Thursday, 9 February 2012

Travel Criteria

Hey there!

It took me a little while to come up with the criteria for my blog posts. I've decided on the following, but I might tweak it a bit each time if I don't have too much to say for each category. I'm still finalizing my list of countries and cities that I have visited, but I'll hopefully be posting that tomorrow too! I should probably also add that my email address got hacked so I couldn't figure out my blogger log-in information for the longest time, but now I'm back!

I know I originally wanted this to be a travel blog, but at times I might go off track and post recipes, fun craft ideas, etc. cause my interests are soo varied and I have so much to say on a wide variety of topics! Here are the criteria, enjoy!

Best Restaurant:
Best Beach:
Best Bar:
Best Shop:
Best Thing To Try:
Best Shore Excursion:
Best Attraction:
Best Memory:
Watch Out For:
Overall Experience (1-10):

Of course I'll be adding some of my best photos of each place to into each blog! I couldn't just ramble on about a place without actually showing you what I'm describing.


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